Friday, August 5, 2011

Wedding Season

I love weddings.

I know, I know, from the perspective of someone who is financially struggling, weddings may seem frivolous, selfish, and over the top. But here's how I see it: it's your wedding, do whatever the hell you want. If that means you cut into a fire breathing wedding cake then damnit pony up the extra dough and get creative with the extinguisher party favors.  Theoretically it's only for one day, right?

Well not quite. Thing is, when you're in my situation, a huge extravagant wedding is completely out of the question. It's the equivalent to the down payment on a house, or a car, or a medical bill. Don't feel bad folks, I'm happy without it. Personally, if my boyfriend and I ever do decide to get married (the chance of which is decreasing in rapid proportion to the increasing number of people pressuring us to do it) I don't want a huge wedding. I'll probably buy some white summer dress I can wear again, have it altered to fit like a glove (read: splurge) and then invite everyone I care about to laugh and dance the night away.

We'll probably go with some kind of potluck dinner. I don't see anything wrong with potluck; if you ask me it makes everything more personal. I'd be honored to have my grandma's infamous potato salad on the menu. Plus considering my significant other brews his own beer, the only thing we'll really have to worry about is providing enough wine for my rambunctious Italian/Spanish Basque side of the family. And in that case I'm willing to shell out the extra cash for a good show.

Trust me, it'll be worth it.

But until then, I'll get my kicks going to others' weddings. Since I don't see myself having a "night to remember extravaganza" anytime soon, I get super excited to attend someone else's. Plus there's no stress. You don't have to worry if the table linens are ironed, if the caterer only brought vegetarian, if the music might be offensive, or how drunk the bridesmaid that refused to wear strapless is going to get even though you really didn't want to include her in the wedding party in the first place but because she's your mom's best friend's daughter you had to play nice and now you kind of hope she gets sh*tcanned and goes to bed early...ungrateful little..

Oh sorry,where was I? 

Oh yeah, weddings, love 'em. And I've got a couple coming up! They're location means a road trip from Billings, MT to Elko, NV to Salt Lake City, UT to Denver, CO and back to Billings. Road trip + two weddings + mini family reunion = a righteous good time. And probably some decent material to blog about.

But in the meantime, I am still a girl, which means any situation warranting the necessity of a mirror can churn up some self-conscious negative comments swirling in my head:

"It's been awhile since you've seen these people, have you gained weight? No? Well it doesn't matter I'm sure they've all lost weight so..."

"Freckles and frizzy hair...can't say that trend ever really took off."

"A green dress? Really?"

Eh, the little voice can talk all it wants. My freckles are awesome, that green dress is one-of-a-kind and besides, I've got other things to think about, like pictures, dancing and cake!! I'm going to have a damn good time, and if my frizzy hair and skinny friends try and get in the way, well I guess I'll just have to give them a good flame-retardant spray-down with my new favorite party favor :).



  1. The best marriages I have gone to so far were my sisters' - the oldest one had a classic "white dress and five tier fancy cake" wedding when I was four, the second had her own medieval wedding (sewing her own dress, having people bring cakes, lots of fruit juice and mead and beer and no coke, a lute player and medieval dancing classes for everybody) and the youngest one booked a restaurant which, a few days before the wedding took place, was changed into a pirate ship (without her knowing). No huge budgets, lots of fun.

    "Fancy" weddings are less fun - you have to behave and look reasonable all of the time, can't dance on the table, have to be nice and smile and say intelligent things and cannot make inappropriate jokes. (That's the kind of wedding the BF drags me to - our social backgrounds are kind of different. ^^)

    I am wondering what our wedding might look like...

  2. I love weddings, too! Last year - went to at least a half a dozen of them. All of them were SO beautiful!

    Don't forget to check out my blog today, there's a surprise for you there ;)

    Happy weekend!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  3. Have fun at your friends' weddings! (And if you only invite your closest friends and family members they won't care how much money you've spent on your wedding!)

  4. Thanks for joining in the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop! I hope you gain lots of new followers!

  5. I love your approach to it all
    My parents had what was called back thgen a football wedding where all the guests brought potluck

    watching a wedding in the making from the outside and what a mess so I'm all for simple and easy

  6. Our wedding was at my parents' home. The most important ingredients to a wedding - bride, groom. And next most important: family and friends. Anything over that is just icing on the cake. As long as everyone is there to celebrate, you don't need a fancy shindig to make some wonderful memories!

  7. I agree with Aleta. Make it fun!:) Get a little help from families and friends too:)

    Following your lovely blog. I am also inviting you to add your blog at Momma's Lounge ( where you can shout away, add your business/giveaways, and meet more mom bloggers from allover the world.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  8. I love weddings too...and this post brought back many memories...
    Thanks for sharing with NOBH
    ~Kara @ The Chuppies/NOBH


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