Saturday, August 20, 2011

Three Weddings And A Baby

It's roadtrip time again!

Because of my boyfriend's insane schedule (he's a baseball coach for the university during the school year, then coach's legion during the summer) we have about 3 weeks before September to see some friends and family. So we're cramming it all into 8 days.

One wedding in Bozeman, Montana last night, another this evening in Belgrade, Montana, travel to Ogden, Utah to see my brother, his wife and my niece for 3 days, then Denver, Colorado for another wedding, then back to good ol' Billings, Montana for a little recuperation.

I'm always excited to see what goes wrong on a roadtrip, for some reason I always think that's part of the fun. And weddings are just awesome so...yeah let's get this party started.

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  1. Wow, you are going to be very busy! Have fun :)

    This is awesome! My kids will absolutely love it.

    Stopping by from the Stop and Stumble Saturday Blog Hop.... I stumbled this!

    Battle of the Leading Men

  2. Have a great time!! Love your post title!!

  3. Busy least it is full of celebrations.

    Stumbled your post. Mine is at

  4. Road trips are so much fun! I hope you have a great time :)

  5. When your in Ogden, would you wave to my grand kids and daughter-in-law, and I've got 2 daughters, a son-in-law, and 2 grand children outside of Denver - shout out hey from Nonnie:-)

    Stumbled your post - would be grateful if you would return the favor:-)

  6. Have fun on your road trip! Visiting from Hopalong Friday!

    The Twerp and I


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