Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boredom Leads To Zombie Questions

I did nothing today.

Well I guess I did a little more than that...I did make a turkey sandwhich and do some dishes. At one point it even crossed my mind to do some blogging, but I thought it might interfere with petting my cat so, well, the blogging lost out.

I actually started off this morning with a self-professed brilliant idea, only to have my initial jolt of inspiration be short lived as soon as Mila Kunis mischievously began making eye contact with me from the cover of my roommate's GQ magazine. Just seconds earlier I had been blogging my little fingers away at a speed that would give Mavis Beacon a run for her money, but one distracting glimpse from Mila with her fashionably casual bedroom attire and delicious looking latte and my entire motivation was shot. God she's hot. Eff you Mila, it's not July anymore, you're old news. (Just kidding Mila you're never old news. I like your hair, so you ever come to Billings? I love you...what?)

Also now I want a latte. Let's see where this post goes...

As of right now, I've watched the majority of the movie Predators in bits and pieces. I like it. Luckily I've got my boyfriend next to me explaining all of the nuances and throwbacks to the original Predator, so that was helpful. Then he found War of the Worlds and decided to watch that all the way through, the Resident Evil after that.

It was a good day.

Got me thinking though. Actually movies like Independence Day, 2001: A Space Odessey, The Day After Tomorrow, iRobot, 2012, or 28 Days Later always get me thinking. And I know I may get eaten alive on this one (pun for later, you're welcome) but...just hear me out...have any of you ever kind of, I don't know...wanted something like that to happen?

Right, definitely shouldn't have put that in writing. Anytime now I'm sure the feds will be knocking on my door to ask me a few, um, "questions" regarding my personal views on mankind. But it's too late now so let's address it.

What I'm saying is every once in awhile I wish something would happen similar to some of these movie plots that would test how I would really act. Something like a minor alien/zombie/robot invasion. That way I'd know if I'm adequately trained for the real deal. So far I've been in a couple high pressure situations, and I acted instinctively (and correctly), but there were no flesh-eating corpses, mind-scrambling extraterrestrials or homocidal machinery nearby at those times (at least none I was aware of).

As far as zombies go I like to think I'm overly prepared (and I am), but that's another post for another day. Aliens or robots though? Not so much. It seems they vary from movie to movie, whereas zombies have clear cut rules (destroy and/or remove the head, if you get bit you're a gonner). So far all I've learned about robots is there's always a master server that needs to destroyed, and with aliens some sort of biological warfare (virus) is probably the best route to take.

Oh yeah and don't bunker down with Tim Robbins, that guy's a nutcase.

So what about you? How do you think you would do in an alien/zombie/robot invasion?

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  1. Such a fun blog! I kept reading and reading...stopping by from FTLOB! Especially loved your wedding post. Once you plan your own you'll realize how much you probably want to run away and elope. Just a thought :)

  2. So it's Sunday night and I'm blog hopping like I always do and I was on Say Hi Sunday and found your title and had to click and then I was here and thought nah, I shouldn't read this silly post and then I couldn't stop and then I LOVED it so I'm a new follower that writes run on sentences.

    Have a great day.


  3. With all this Zombie Apocalypse obsession I'm like, just kill me now, I ain't surviving to begin with. LOL

  4. hi :) thank you so much for stopping by today!! your blog is awesome! and this post...loved it!! mila kunis is so HOT! SHE SERIOUSLY IS!! my brother is in love with her and fixates himself on any girl that looks remotely like her. ok, enough about mila...
    love the versatility of your blog and i can't wait to read more!!
    happy monday to you!

  5. Ok, I'm so out of the scene, I don't even know who this girl is on the cover ... yeah, it is true. I don't get out much I suppose.

    Thanks for following me and connecting! I returned the favor! Girl! You sure have found a bunch of Monday blog hops! Wow. I'm going to have to snoop around.

    Have a blessed day!

  6. So... I spoke to Mila and she said it's all good. No hard feelings. :-) She said she will be sure to get to Billings sometime soon.

    Thanks for visting my Balance Beam and I will definitely be following you!

  7. My family and I play video games that are zombie-oriented. That way, when the sh** goes down, we're all ready. :)

  8. Hello, I am your newest follower!
    I hope you have a fantastic week. If you are interested, I am giving away a package prize soon, a little something for everyone: We Don't Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All :)

  9. I love those types of shows. Did you know that Resident Evil is one of 3 in the storyline?

    Do I wish something like that would happen? Heck no, because those shows are about humans being able to beat back all evils, but in reality, if we don't have the ability to do so... we're not going to be in a "independence day" way of fighting back. Keep the aliens away please.

  10. Stopping by from Make Your Rank Lower Alexa hop. Please come by mine, if you have time!

  11. Zombieland made me laugh. You should watch it. Now. And as far as an apocalypse, I think it depends what sort it would be. Something of the I.Am.Legend type would be mind-numbingly boring, but a cheeky Shaun of the Dead version could be fun for a bit! Just have a child if you want to test out your calmness-level since you'll be doing all sorts of heart-palpitating worrying after that.

  12. glad i found you on the ftlob hop...i'm your newest follower...this cracked me up!

  13. I don't think I would handle the flesh eating zombies very well...just sayin. Thanks for linking to the NOBH. :)

  14. Hi,there. Thanks for passing by and participating in Monday Mingle at Hopefully, I will see you back every Monday.

    P.S. Have we connected on Facebook yet?


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