Friday, September 2, 2011

Lesson 13: Reality Hurts

Well reality hit pretty hard this week. See our rent is due by the 5th, and since our roommate moved out in August that means our rent this month is double what it was last month. Combine that with the fact that I lost my job, and we're looking at some serious cutbacks. Granted, I'm still working at my old job (I never officially quit when I was recently hired) but it's per diem, meaning I'm not gauranteed any hours. And this week? I've only gotten one shift so far. Ouch.

So this puts a little damper on my goal of finishing school this fall. As much as I want to, it's just not feasible. My tuition bill (for my last 6 credits) is $1,866.55, and sorry to say but I just don't have it. Another downer? The classes I need aren't offered at all in the spring, meaning I have to wait until next fall to complete them. It's only 6 credits, but I'd much rather be done now.

So it's been time to have some serious talks about what we can and can't afford to live without. What I can't afford to give up? Gym membership and my phone. Unfortunately they're both already at the bare minimum. My gym membership is one of the cheapest in town, and my phone is basically only used for texting. Plus I'm already splitting a phone plan with my boyfriend and my mom, making it cheaper than if I were on my own plan.

Top of the list, of course, is getting this rent situation figured out. We've got someone who might be able to move in at the end of September, but that seems to be our only lead. It's tough to find a place as cheap as what we pay when we have a roommate.

Next on the list? Cable.


Sorry I had to take a second there...that hurt. But we can't afford it, so out it goes.

On the bright side, you can look up most any tv episode on the internet now as well as buy whole seasons of our favorite shows. That way we don't even have to deal with commercials. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts...

The idea of a yard sale came up as well, but frankly, we don't have much to sell. It's okay though, we do have stuff we don't need, and $20 is better than nothing.

But don't worry folks, the internet isn't going anywhere. How else would I stay connected with you?



  1. Reality does suck, doesn't it? Shame about your roomie moving out. Hopefully you'll get someone now who stays much longer so you could possibly get a little ahead, financially that is.

  2. Here hoping that you get through this tough times.

    New follower from Hop along Friday. Hope you can take a peek at my blogs and follow back when you get a chance. Thanks a lot!

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  3. TV is a waste of money anyway. I haven't paid for TV in years an watch probably more then is healthy at times. Downloading what you watch is so much better. You can watch what you want when you want it. No commercials, no interruptions, you can pause it where ever. I don't think I could handle going back to regular TV.

    Good luck with the saving money. I have two room mates living in my house and It can still be a lot of work to save money. I think you have more willpower then me though.

  4. Good for y'all! I hardly watch TV anymore or have time to when the show actually airs, so I end up watching them online anyways!

  5. Ah, bummer! But it sounds like you are very disciplined! :)

  6. Hello!
    I'm following you from Hop Along Friday! I'm following you on Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Facebook, NetworkedBlogs, etc., as applicable!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    -Courtney P.

    P.S. Budgeting money sucks, especially when you realize you have to give things up! :(

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  8. Next time I'll read more before commenting.

    It sounds like you know what you're doing.

    I wish I could give you more advice, really, but I don't have any.

    Just found your blog, like many others, through a hop. I like it though, and you have a career that is very much in the path that I'd like to go, though I've gone in a slightly different direction. I just got my Bachelors' in Social Work, and I want my Masters' in Social Work, specializing in mental health. However, I have a long way to go. A very long way. If I get a few more As as a degreed undergrad, I can start graduate school requiring 31 total hours...very nice, but still a lot, most of them field/internship (and thankfully, no thesis). This is what I've wanted to do for a long time.

    So, long story short, I love your blog because it is exactly the thing I like to see. Your journey is very...uplifting, even though you've had a lot of obstacles (been there already...oh boy!).

    Budgeting sucks, but I think you can make it, if you've made it this far. I don't know if your school has summer, winter, and short semesters as my university does, but you might look into that. Pretty sure they even have them for grad degrees. I know they have summer semesters. If not...I hope you can find some way to work it out.

    Have you considered the gym/activity center at the school? It's usually free. I know ours is, that would shave some cost while still providing the essential. Just an idea.

    Found you through a hop, but following you because I like you. I don't like those *follow back* type things, so you don't have to follow me back. My linky is in my name. I'd love if you would, because I love your blog, but I'm not one of those types...they irk me. Wishing you luck, I'll be back to visit.


    PS If you really have a copy of the DSM IV TR, I want it. I love you. I have wanted a DSM IV TR but the cost is astronomical. Love it!!

  9. Budgeting sucks! hopefully things turn around for you.

  10. Been there myself so I feel for you. Once you cut back you ill realize you didn't really need it as much as you thought, I found that out when I gave up cable. I barely watch TV any more and rarely buy DVD when I can check them out at the library. Hope things turn around for you soon. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH

  11. New follower
    Love a follow back


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