Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm Baaaaaack!!

Hello everyone!

Oh wow have I missed you guys! But don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you :). After all, I shared some seriously personal stuff with you, like how a bout of ADHD always seems to hit the second I try to clean out a closet, my best attempt (with a little help from some wine) to handle couples that fight with each other on purpose because they think it makes them seem closer than the rest of us, my gym insecurities and even my proudest moment in my entire life. However, it's been a while since we've really hung out, so let's get reacquainted, shall we?

Well, a few years ago (oh wow, has it really been that long?) I was a struggling college student working my way through a Master's program in Counseling; specifically, A Master's in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Something To Do With Office Work...or something like that. Now granted, I left college with some amazing stories, but I still knew something wasn't quite right.

I couldn't shake this feeling of being trapped in a life I didn't want to lead. There were times when I would do something crazy in order to break free and I even found myself writing novels starring sad, boring characters that so resembled my life.

So after a horrible first counseling job experience, a blessing in disguise and a risky career move I've arrived here. And I have to say, 'here' feels pretty damn good.

And where exactly is 'here'? 'Here' is a complete 180 from where my life was two years ago. Stay with me, I'll explain.

Remember that camera starter kit I posted about? Well I've since upgraded. And remember how I went door to door offering to work for free for any local photographer just to gain experience and learn the business? Well this summer will be the two year mark working with the only photographer willing to give someone with absolutely no photography experience a shot.

Then I broke up with Blogger. That was sad (and yes, I see you've made some impressive changes Blogger, but I think we're still better off as just friends), threw myself into finding additional writing jobs and learned everything I possibly could about photography. And finally, a few months ago, I officially started my own photography business.

And it's. Been. AWESOME.

In one of my posts I talked about how a friend of mine once told me to pay attention to what I am most jealous about in others. So I did, and I found that I was most jealous of people that had freedom and excitement in life. And now, I can honestly say I feel liberated and happy. I'm finally doing something that I love. I make my own schedule, I have the freedom to travel when I want to, and I can work whatever hours I chose (like right now, at 4:09 in the morning). That "trapped" feeling? Gone.

And that's why I'm back; you all may not realize it, but you've been a huge part of my life. You've given me encouragement when I felt like a complete outcast and you've taken the time to read my stories and offer up advice and understanding. I'm not sure if things would've turned out the way they did without so much encouragement from an online blogging community. Strange, isn't it? How much power you all hold?

So I'm officially inviting you all to come over to my new blog. It's right here and it's called Jenna Martin Photography (yup, my real name is actually Jenna, not Marlee...see, I feel like we know each other a little bit better already). I'd love to let you in on my new world!! After all, you're part of the reason this is all happening! Also:

Facebook: Jenna Martin Photography
Twitter: @Jennamtphoto
Tumblr: jennamartinphotography

I hope to hear from you guys! I'd love to know how you are all doing!

Oh and P.S: Remember that baseball player I was so in love with a few years ago? Yeah, he's still around. Going strong, 5 years and counting :).


  1. Oh wow, you have moved on in a big way! Good to see you back and I'll pop over to check out the new blog.

    Really pleased for you :)

  2. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your work and your new blog.

  3. Wonderful news! I will be stopping by your new site.
    Thanks so much for commenting on my Teriaki Burgers blog post.
    Be sure to stop over, using your real identity?, and add your links, OK?

    May God bless your new photography business and blog and everything else abundantly.
    Sinea Ducks ‘n a Row

  4. Nice post, Thanks for your very useful Information, I will bookmark for next reference


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