Monday, May 2, 2011

Roadtrip To Utah And Back On $162

As of  6 a.m. Sunday morning, I headed off to Utah to visit my infamous brother, mentioned earlier in this post, emphasizing his talent for exploiting the potential awkwardness of any given situation. He and his wife just had a beautiful baby girl in January. I have $162 saved up in my "fun" savings account. I'm sure I should have more money saved up for a trip consisting of an 8 hour drive down and back (with gas prices roughly $3.70/gallon). But the fact is my summer school session starts next week, so it's now or 2 months from now, and I am impatient and want to meet my niece, so it's now.

Hopefully I won't run out of gas, but if I do, I'm sure it'll make for an awesome blog!

What's the craziest thing any of you have ever blown a budget on?


  1. FUN!!!! I hope you have a great trip. It's a wonderful time to come to Utah (where I live). Weather's incredible!!!

  2. I also went with a vacation. I'd been having a horrid time of it at work, right at the time that I applied for a promotion. I told myself, "Either I will get that promotion or I will go on a fabulous winter vacation."

    Since I didn't get the job, I got online. Right at that minute, the only state in the Union that didn't have snow on the ground was Hawaii. So that's where I went.

    I used Miles for the flight, there was a great deal at a hotel and my tuition reimbursement check was coming. But still! Last minute Hawaiian vacation! By myself!

    I agree that two months is too long to wait to see a new niece. Have a great trip!

  3. You are FIERCE. Solo road trip. Sounds like we are kindred spirits. I hope you stashed some extra coolant otherwise you'll end up like me - driver of a mobile sauna, to keep the car from overheating.

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt. It's great - all the fun minus diaper duties.

  4. Wow, you're brave. I'd worry way too much about keeping the car gassed and what I'm going to eat next!

    The last time I blew my budget was about 3 V-day's ago on a Raymond Weil Freelancer automatic watch!

    Enjoy your visit with your niece (and of course the parents of said child!)

  5. You are all fantastic!! I've arrived in Utah. My niece is absolutely GORGEOUS! I'll have pictures up soon!!

    Lisa the weather IS beautiful! Not a cloud in the sky I've been so lucky!

    Anne GOOD FOR YOU!! That sounds exactly like something I would do! And I've never been to Hawaii, so maybe someday....??

    Here Under The Rainbow we probably are kindred spirits! I have 3 containers of coolant in the trunk, because if there's anything I know about my car, it's that the "just in case" always happens!

    Angie I hope you love that watch! Ha my boyfriend would say your splurge is the best (see past blog Lesson 2: Pricetags Are Overrated). And it's been amazing seeing my neice, brother and his wife!

    Keep the stories coming! I feel so much better when I know there are people out there like me who say "You know what? Hell with it, I'm doing it!"

  6. Sounds like a VERY worthy fun savings spend! I'm not sure what my last budget buster was, but I did splurge on a vintage Chanel (discounted of course). I always spend within my means and we are lucky to have a good savings cushion. I'm going to write a post soon about a wardrobe shopping list to save.
    Thanks for stopping by - Hong Kong was great and will post about it this week!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. I believe you can do it! Just don't spend money on anything else but gas...which is SOO exciting haha, but at least a baby niece will temporarily erase that problem for a short bit. :)

  8. I splurge on those dang Case Lot sales. I just can't stop!!! Toilet paper for 80 cents a pack just jumps in my cart!!!

    Hope your trip to Utah is great! Tip of the Day: To increase your gas mileage, when you see a red light coming up or a stop sign, start coasting. I love to see my mileage go up when I make a conscious effort to do this.

  9. Spent mine on a trip too...went to Singapore for a week after booking for tickets just days before. I just graduated from university then and after spending years in school, I had the overwhelming urge to get out of the country.

    Now, I could just say that this is a graduation gift of some sort but that slot has already been taken by a trip just 2 months Singapore >_<

    The first one had already been a (well-planned) splurge, but I think the second one takes the "I don't give a damn, I'm going" crown.

    Your trip to Utah is actually more meaningful and worth the money spent. Family is always worth it, IMO.

    (sorry for the long post...)

  10. OMG...tell me you didn't take the Duster....LOL!!!!


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